Skrambler X

Assemble famous masterpieces with Skrambler, a jigsaw puzzle mindware for the iPad. Learn interesting facts about artists and their artwork while putting each piece in its place.

Unlike a traditional jigsaw puzzle, Skrambler is tailor-made for the iPad. Swap tile pieces to reveal the scrambled paintings of masters including Seurat, Van Eyck, Degas, Rembrandt, and da Vinci. Tiles and play area are visible at all times, making it easy to visualize the entire puzzle without the need for scrolling. Various tools are also provided to help put images together. The game’s Imaging Scope shows a portion of the painting, while its Jolt allows difficult tiles to be pushed into their correct slots. Both tools require energy for use; energy that is gained when correct tile placements are made.

A game designed specifically for quick play, its UI is streamlined with no long load screens. Progress is saved automatically when the game is quit so that play begins exactly were it was when left.

What’s New in the iPad Version

In addition to featuring gorgeous high resolution images, the iPad version 5 times the amount of pop-up facts for each painting. New images are also downloaded automatically as they are released. For a surprise, try shaking your iPad.


• Play a jigsaw puzzle tailored for the iPad screen
• Recreate the works in high-resolution of more than 30 famous artists
• Learn about each painting as you de-scramble it
• Manage your energy to complete the puzzles in the shortest time
• Stop playing at any time and continue where you left off
• Shake to scramble the images
• Automatically downloads new images as they are released
• More than 5 hours of play in the original paintings pack with more being added

Check out the link to the Neuronic Games web site below for more screen shots and gameplay video.

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