Skinz Golf

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Fairway Fun ★★★★★
by Js99876 – Version 1.2 – Jan 26, 2013
Great game. Play a foursome with my buddies and can even trash talk in game!

Skins golf ★★★★★
by Raywelaine – Version 1.2 – Jan 27, 2013
This app is awesome, definitely need more like this.

Skins golf v1.2 ★★★★★
by Ridenhd – Version 1.2 – Mar 4, 2013
Ideal!! Use it almost every day!!

Skinz Golf ★★★★★
by Kearny Sources – Version 1.0 – Aug 8, 2012
“Move over Golden Tee! This is like playing golf.”

Best I have played ★★★★★
by Maddsters;D – Version 1.1 – Oct 15, 2012
“This is the best golf game I have played on my iPhone.”

Great game ★★★★★
by Big Bad Gary Wolf – Version 1.1 – Oct 11, 2012
“Forget tiger this game rules!!!!!”

Skinz Golf was designed specifically to challenge your friends to a round of golf on iOS phones. Invite your Facebook friends or friends from your contact list from within the game. Skinz Golf provides the best 3D experience and realistic golf swing.

Play in a sweepstakes to win real world prizes! Every round you play gets you an entry into the sweeps!

Tournaments are now available. Check the website ( for more info.

Designed for the mobile experience, Skinz Golf connects you to your contacts and Facebook friends to tap into an awesome game of golf.

Skinz Golf is the only game that enables you to play with a foursome just like you would on the golf course! Shots alternate from tee to green and then the group moves to the next hole.

Earn skinz when you play, and use your skinz to get upgraded clubs, balls, mulligans and other cool stuff!

Skinz Golf is easy enough for beginners, but offers a fun challenge for the advanced golfer. Give it a try for the true golf experience!

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