Ski Kitty – Cat down the mountain – Free Game

SKI KITTY CAT now on iOS for FREE!

This kitten loves to ski all the way down the mountain for fun every day! Only this time, you will have to help the cat escape from an AVALANCHE! Are you a good enough skier to make sure he gets to safety?

Trees and snowmen won’t help you… in fact they will drag you into the avalanche! Helpful boosts like the bombs will keep the evil snowmen at bay, while the life makes sure you have enough time to make it down the mountain! Fly down the mountainside to safety gaining points along the way!!

If you love winter sports you’ll love the physics found in this new original game!

– Leaderboard
– Share your high score with friends!
– Top free game
– Great game for kids (boys & girls!)
– Facebook integration
– An awesome mode in which to race down the mountain!
– Awesome soundtrack
– Lots of fun
– Awesome graphics


ps: we are aware of the bug on the iPad version! it was already corrected and submitted to Apple =)

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