Sketchy Bike

Sketchy Bike is a simple motorcycle game with graphics in 3D.

Create your own crazy levels in the Level Editor and share them with your friends!
Race and set records or just mess around and have fun, there are no limits for the creative!

Some nice features like:
– Full support for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch
– 20 levels of endless fun
– Level editor
– Sharing levels
– Audio
– Game Center leaderboards and acheivements
– Facebook
– Customizable controls
– Pinch to change angle of vision

– a BUNCH of other stuff..

Sketchy Bike features three different controls.
– 2 buttons (leaning and throttle/brake combined for simplicity).
– Accelerometer (lean by rotating the device, throttle/brake on screen).
– 4 buttons (separate buttons for throttle, brake, lean back and lean forward. Fully rearrangeble of your choice!).

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