Sketch Soldiers

Warriors engage in a fierce battle against evil. The dark lord has fallen. But The warriors never backed down. Once the dark lord has come back to life, the more intense war begins!
Take up the most epic challenge in this colossal adventure game: Sketch Soldiers!
Let this unique finger-action game take you to the summit of Middle Ages: Be prepared for hours of gaming and visual entertainment.

Game Features:

Plunge deep into the heart of the action!
– iPhone-specific controls: create your warrior by drawing shapes. Summon warriors to draw specific shapes. Each shape can summon a certain type of soldier.
– Organize,train and deploy your warriors and unleash their powerful skills by upgrading them.
– Travel to the Middle Ages: Wage wars against the forces of evil in pre-Renaissance environments.
– Lead the Eventide Army and the most phenomenal mythical creatures ever existed: Hoplite, Paladin, Pikeman, Ninja, Master, Grandmaster, Specter, Wizard, Devilsaur and other majestic immortals worthy of your power and might!
– Perfect combination of East and West: Ninja, Panda and the Paladin form an epic team!

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