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SkateCat – A game with gameplay as it’s main feature!!

SkateCat is a PLATFORM game .

Help SkateCat collect coins so that he can enter XGames.
Get him back to his helicopter before time runs out.
Perform tricks or place objects to earn extra coins and extend time. 18 levels with 3 bonus levels.

Here is what some reviewers had to say :

“most games these days are way too easy…. this is a very simple and really challengng little game…and damn you’ll need split second timing to finish some of the levels… if you feel like a challenge… go for it…”

“Wow. Get this app!!! It’s worth it!!!! You won’t regret it!!! Better than touchgrind & more fun than stickskater.”

Planned for version 1.2 :
-6 extra levels and 3 extra bonus levels.

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