Skate Trivia – Free Version!!

The long awaited free version is here! If you like it, there’s a link to get the full version in the App!

Skate Trivia is a trivia app on the subject of Skateboarding, and Skateboarding only. This is made by Skaters, for Skaters…

Many questions on the subjects of pro skaters, sponsors, trick origins, skate spots, skateboard construction, etc… Both past and present!

If you’re new to Skateboarding, you’ll learn about the past. If you’ve been out of the loop lately, you’ll learn what’s going on now.

You can even email your results to your friends and get a competition of your own going on!


• Name input is optional, but will help you if you want to email results
• Sound effects can be turned off
• Questions and answers have been verified by multiple sources

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