〓Mahjong – From China and belong to the whole world〓
☆★ Be a Mahjong master!! ★☆

◇ SJMahjong4P is a traditional four-player Chinese Mahjong game, using the general Mahjong rules.
◇ Up to 81 different “FAN” can be made (detailed description of the “FAN”s is available on game help page also in game), use your skills to play against smart AI
◇ Simulate the control on the real Mahjong table, discard the tile with drag-and-drop.
◇ Tile is enlarged to avoid controlling mistake.
◇ You will not be confused since key tiles are with highlights
◇ Have fun to use four game cards specially designed for SJMahJong4P
◇ You can easily set music and sound effect at any time
◇ Two supporting languages: Simplified Chinese and English
◇ The detailed game stats. of all registered players are saved, show your record to your friends. If Apple Game Center is available on your device, you can participate in leaderboards and gain achievements.
◇ Ten levels, win more points to obtain upgrade award.
◇ In BET mode, you can make a wager before each hand, and you will be awarded coins if you win the hand.

★ Good skills? Gain achievements!
★ Persistent? Level up!
★ Lucky? Win the wager!
〓You will be the MahJong master one day〓

Send email to if you have any questions or suggestions.
〓Have fun〓

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