Sixth Seal HD

“Sixth Seal‘s production values are simply through the roof” –

IMPORTANT: It is strongly advised to close all running apps before starting Sixth Seal.

The One, who mastered all the six elements and is beyond the borders of life and death. By defeating the demon emperor and closing the ancient seal, You have to save the perishing world from hosts of demonic creatures.

The sixth seal is a top-view fantasy action-game with unmatched gesture-based magic control system. Action, strategy, role-playing, and humor have been seamlessly combined to ensure an unforgettable gaming experience.
Arguably, this game is the most thrilling action game in the Appstore!

– Finger gesture-based spell casting
– 20 campaign maps, extra challenge modes and more to come …
– 3 difficulty levels
– Non-stop action and fascinating gameplay
– Eye-catching graphics
– Enhanced iPad2 experience

– Earn rewards
– Play with friends
– Challenge the leaders
– Chat with others


Some hints:
– Always spare enough time for spell gestures! Rushing will deform the shapes and thus decrease the efficiency of your finger drawings.
– Try to draw the symbols of the spells correctly! Use the built-in practice map appearing on the intro screen when a new spell is introduced. Relax your fingers and draw lightly!
– The wizard can cast spells while moving. Staying mobile could be lifesaving.
– Finding lightly sheltered places on the given map helps you to reduce the range of the creatures’ attacks.
– Use frost spells to reduce the speed of the monsters around you.
– Use air spells to throw the monsters away, freeing up territory around you.
– Casting just attack spells will make your quest significantly more difficult.

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