Have some fun competition during your daily lives by sharing and rating photos of quirky events.
* Capture photos that match the themed categories to acquire points
* Obtain more points for rating peers’ photos
* Achieve SIXers to advance your clout-level for more advantages
* Add friends to favorites and watch their submissions
* Compare your scores at the leaderboard
* Publish SIXers to your social networks

Capture and submit photos of events you witness that represent a game card category. You and your peers rate those photos and accepted photos are used to win a “SIXer.” Gain points while participating and share your results with your Facebook and Twitter friends.

SixSaw is a social reality game intended to be utilized as a fun method of collecting interesting events as photos and sharing them in a near real-time environment. It’s a bit like a scavenger hunt, except the item list is represented as categories on a game card that resembles a SIX by SIX Bingo card. As a user witnesses events that match any of the thirty-SIX fascinating categories, a photo is taken, submitted, and ultimately graded by peers for approval. You, in turn, are expected to reciprocate by rating your peers’ photos. All of these actions acquire points and certain actions can be published to your social networks, should you so choose. However, the fun is when you get a “SIXer” or SIX approved photos in-a-row (diagonal or column) for loads of points. For a variety, there are different themed game cards, as well, that are called halls. The users’ scores can be viewed and compared with others’ on the leaderboard within a certain hall or for all halls. Watch the fun your friends are having by adding those users to your friends’ list.

SixSaw features:
* Currently 4 different game card halls (themes) available
* Many unique and fun categories
* Clout-level avatars
* Winning animations
* Leader boards
* Loads of fun
* Share results and track your friends
* Rate your peers’ photos
* Try to get a SIXer

Are you up for the challenge of SixSaw?! Bend at your waist, touch your toes, reach for the sky,… get ready for the fun. Learn how much fun your normal day of activities is and share with your friends. Learn what your friends are up to and rate their photos. Get points and challenge your friends. Gain enough SIXers and advance through many levels of clout, each having their own avatar. Gain more power with each new avatar. Be the King of SixSaw!

“SixSaw is a clever and inventive way to share your daily and specific event experiences w/ friends.” -Steve
“It’s fun to see the crazy photos others have submitted…I could go for hours!!!” -Jason
“If you’re going to a music festival this year, download SixSaw and tell your friends about it.” -Dr G
“SixSaw gives you the ability to make any event a scavenger hunt.” -Chris
“Awesome concept!” -Jeff

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