Sit&Go Trainer

Improve your results in the most important phase of any Sit and Go Tournament using Sit&Go Trainer

– Thousands of real situations will put you to the test and help you to improve at the critical point of the tournament
– Use learning-by-doing to improve your game in the late phase of tournaments
– Get a feel for playing using the ICM model
– 9 levels, from beginner to advanced

Sit&Go Trainer will guide you through the late phase of a Sit & Go tournament (the push or fold phase). You will be given a particular in-game situation and can decide whether you want to push (bet all your chips) or fold.

You begin with the first lesson. Once you have successfully completed it, you’ll be able to move on to the next one.

Once a lesson begins, you’ll have to decide for every hand, whether you want to push (bet all your chips) or fold (give up your hand). These are the only two possible responses.

Once you have made your decision your response will be evaluated as right or wrong. You will also learn which cards you would have played exactly the same in a similar situation.


1-3 . Play against average players.
4-6 . Play against random players (average, tight or loose) in intermediate-difficult situations
7-9. Play against random players (average,very tight, tight, loose or very loose) in complicated situations

Analyze your statistics at each level.

Important: Remember! Don’t play before completing the Sit&Go Trainer or you will lose your money!

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