Sisi`s Fishies

“Watch out”, for a shoal of candy-colored cartoonish fishies will come over you! That’s right, the moment you start playing Sisi’s Fishies on your iPhone you enter a virtual aquatic world animated by all sorts of cute, cartoon-like little fishies, turtles and crabs, all kinds of super hungry underwater little creatures, too, that you’ll need to feed.

Graphics: if you’re keen on colorful, cartoonish type of graphics, then you’ll find this skills game a true delight for your eyes! The vivid colors, the girly, eye-catching designed fishies and other aquatic creatures, all the tiny bubbles and wavering water plants will “lure” you into this watery world, casting their spell on you and making you want to linger on in this fairytale-like magic world for as much as possible. There are 7 animal cuteness-packed levels to complete, 7 levels of bright colors and lovely aquatic world-specific animations…

Gameplay: its gameplay is super simple and nonetheless catchy. With a drag and drop/swipe gesture you collect the little bags of fish food and drop them onto the fishies corresponding to the ones featured on the bags. At the right time, when that special golden fish pops up into the aquarium, you use the tap gesture on your iPhone for catching the nasty little thing. As simple and as engaging as that! Your main goal in the Sisi’s Fishies game is to feed as many little fishies as you can and get the highest scores. The more levels you manage to complete, while enjoying this catching skill game for iPhone, the more challenging your role as a fish owner will get, for new and new species of underwater little creates will appear on your screen, one more loveable and cuter than the other, so keeping them all well fed will get even more demanding. Once the exclamation marks pop up above their tine little heads, you’ll know that you’ll need to go for the right bag, pour some yummy… fish food and make one tiny candy-pink octopus, a cute little big-eyed turtle or a yellow-and-violet cute fish happy, getting him his top favorite tasty treat!

So, are you ready to give the on-screen kitty a precious helping hand at looking after all her colorful little fishies? Are you ready to feed a crab, a turtle, a tiny fish or two, enjoying a highly addictive, fun skills game on your iPhone? Then step into this virtual underwater world and… start swapping, tapping and… reaching high scores!

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