Sir Octopus

Have you ever helped someone to find his family? Sir Octopus needs your help to reunite with his wife and children!
No Pay – Just Play! Awesome Puzzle game for FREE!

Play as mollusk Sir Octopus who puts aside his evening newspaper and goes to the kindergarten to pick up his children at Lady Octopus’ request. Sounds simple? But it turns out to be not an easy task. Firstly, there are plenty of kids in Octopus’ family. Secondly, these scamps are not really well-mannered and they scattered all over the playground. Help Sir Octopus gather all his kids and reunite his family!

– Funny 2D puzzles that make you engage three-dimensional thinking;
– Enjoy 17 characters and 9 unique game elements;
– 69 incredible levels;
– 3 level packs;
– Thoroughly tuned level design to let you feel triumph when you solve every following level;

Sir Octopus is created for iPhone and iPad and works perfectly well on all devices. You can play where and when you want, anytime you have a spare minute. It allows you to play at your own pace. Sir Octopus will be your passion for a long time.

And remember: every level has a solution, you only need to think harder!

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