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Sir Lovalot is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Sir Lovalot Review

If there’s one genre full of unaltered ‘me-too’ apps, it’s the upward jumping high-score concept popularized by Doodle Jump. In this genre, we seldom see anything new or noteworthy come out. Enter Sir Lovalot, which puts a 360-degree twist on this casual gaming pastime. Good sirs, we love this game.

Sir Lovalot is, in essence, the same tilt-based upward jumping madness we know and love, but it’s wrapped around an endless castle tower. You’ll need to cautiously twist around the spiraling platforms in order to make each jump. Besides jumping as high as you can, you must clear each checkpoint in the allotted time and avoid losing all your lives in order to prevail. Of course, this being a high-score game, the knight’s love for his princess is futile, and he will always end up dying one way or another.

Hope she’s worth it.

In addition to these tweaks, there are several platform types, ranging from the standard spikes, trampolines, and crumbling varieties to trap doors, platforms on fire, and others that phase in and out of existence. You’ll also encounter a couple of power-ups that bring you a short way up the tower, and collectible loot that serves as both combo boosters and collectibles to be viewed in a gallery viewable from the main menu. Unfortunately there aren’t too many loot types and since they show up frequently you’ll find them all quickly.

Sir Lovalot also has OpenFeint for high scores with leaderboards for both top score and highest climb. The Appera’s James Isabel is currently topping both. Are you up to the task of topping this high score gaming behemoth, readers? If so (or even if you aren’t), Sir Lovalot is a solid purchase.