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Sir Death is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Sir Death Review

Zombies are the video game equivalent of Justin Bieber. We know that someone, somewhere claps and shrieks ‘So awesome!‘ when zombies shamble on-screen, but most of us just roll our eyes and get the shotgun. Thing is, zombies still serve as excellent cannon fodder– same as Bieber is still okay at crooning pop schlock. In that vein, Sir Death has some flaws, but it’s generally a reminder of how much fun it can still be to but a whole lot of bullets between yourself and the undead.

The titular Sir Death is a gun-wielding zombie-killer who looks a bit like Metal Gear Solid’s Big Boss. There’s a story behind Sir Death and his mission that’s presented at occasional interludes through some slick comic panels, but to be honest, the game’s awful translation makes the whole thing near-incomprehensible. Regardless of wherever you are and whatever your mission is, zombies still blow up real good, so that’s all that matters. This much is certain: the game definitely doesn’t instruct you to make friends with the walking dead.

Hug me, Sir Death? 🙁

In fact, wasting zombies is your primary goal in each of Sir Death’s levels, and you’re granted a letter score according to how efficiently and cleanly you can get the job done. You have four attack buttons, including a punch, a pistol, a shotgun (which requires a cooldown after you use it), and a machine gun (ditto). By linking attacks and building up your skills, you can actually unleash some pretty incredible combos against all manner of zombie species. Since some zombies are immune to bullets and others are immune to close-range attacks, it pays to work on your very own fighting style. Sir Death is a great game to play on the bus home after a frustrating day at work.

Problem is, Sir Death builds up frustration equally as well as it vents it. You need to build up gold in order to upgrade your skills, and as you might expect from a free-to-play app, grinding for said gold can be slow going unless you want to purchase some with hard cash. While you can put yourself on cruise control while wasting regular bad guys, the boss characters will eat you for lunch if you don’t equip yourself properly before entering their domains.

Zombie photobomb

There should also be a special room in Hades reserved for the Gamevil staff members that decided to put time-delayed pop-up ads on the level selection screen. Oh, you’re going to Level 3? No, you’re going to the App Store to download a game you don’t want! Ha ha ha!

And yet for all its issues and frustrations, Sir Death is a game you keep coming back to because it’s hard to resist the allure of the game’s detailed animations, to say nothing of pumping oodles of lead into the zombie hordes. It’s like throwing baseballs at a clown perched above a dunk tank at a carnival: you know there’s something rotten about the whole setup, but when you indulge in it, it feels so right.