Sinsoft Poker

Can you beat all 3 advanced poker AI’s? Test your skills in this single player Texas hold ‘em poker simulation and new poker algorithm

Now supports iPhone 5, iPad mini

Tip: When it’s your turn, you can change cameras by tapping the left, middle or right side of the screen

• Single Player VS 3 AI Players (Player vs Jack/Kate/Alice)
• Advanced AI
• High Precision Poker Showdown
• 3D poker table sit down simulator
• Speed Selection (Normal/Fast/Very Fast)
• Choose between iPhone or iPad controls
• Dealer does a perfect shuffle every new game by randomly cutting the deck 51 times and taking out a card
• Simulation and AI give unbiased poker sessions that will help improve your poker skills
• Score, based on turn by turn performance, how long you stay in the game
• Full simulation of limit Texas hold ‘em poker
• Play Texas hold ‘em poker offline

Additional notes based on user reviews:
• You can only ‘check’ when it makes sense to do so, remember that Sinsoft Poker is a true simulation of poker sit downs, so you can ‘check’ for example when it is your turn to open, etc
• If you put the application in the background, it is the same as pausing and so you can come back to the game later
• Sinsoft Poker does simulate ‘free rounds’

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