Sink 'Em All! Free

Sink ‘Em All! is an arcade sailing shooter game in the world of mighty pirates. Set sail with Captain Jack Barrel and defend your treasure island from waves of Black Covian pirates!

Sink ‘Em All! features variety of cool special weapons such as Balls of Steel, Balls of Fire, Homing Rockets, Mine Barrels, Fart Bombs and much more! Use these weapons to destroy enemy ships in over 18 levels!

You can play, but if you really wanna play like a Pirate than you need to start with buying the “Starter Pack” of special weapons!

Defend your island and destroy enemies in order to dominate online leaderboards!

Sink ‘Em All or walk the plank!

1.0.4 release notes:
– Thank you for your patience!
– Contains fixes to the memory leak bug causing fatal crashes on iPad 1 AND 3RD Generation iPhone and iPod touch devices.

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