Simpy Sam 3D

In a very very beautiful world – Simpy Town, there lived a smart yellow dog. He had everything that life could offer. All he needed was YOU.

The dog is so smart that he learns what you like. You can teach him to say things and answer questions in your own style. He is so talkative that he loves to make amusing conversations. He gets smarter as you teach him.
You can train him to do funny dog commands: Sit, Jump, Roll over, Kiss, Sing and dance, Make a face and many many more. He will bring you joy and delights.

Having a dog can provide you with lively companionship!
He will be there when everyone else in your life leaves you. When you have a rough day at work, you can always count on your dog to be waiting for you brighten your day.
In turn, you should be responsible for his proper care.
You must give him food and drink regularly. You must buy him toys and new clothes. And the most important thing is you must train him to practice funny dog commands. Believe me, you'll enjoy it.

Here are some awesome features:
★ Enjoy amusing conversations with the lively human-like dog.
★ Feel the great joy to play funny dog commands: Sit down, Jump, Roll over, Kiss, Eat poop…
★ Have fun with the interesting Lucky Turntable game.
★ Remember to feed your dog regularly, buy him new clothes and toys.

Congratulations on the addition of your new dog!!!

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