Simple Math 4P

★★★ Exciting Pass ‘n’ Play educational math game ★★★


Have you been waiting for the perfect educational game to play with friends? Download Simple Math 4P now and offer yourself or your child a brand new pass ‘n’ play learning experience.

Simple Math 4P is a multi-player learning application that helps people of all ages to play, learn, & practice solving math operations in a simple, fun, & interactive way. The multi-player (Up to 4Players) sessions helps you compare high scores between your kids or friends.

More about Simple Math

– It’s never difficult or boring.
– It’s warm and delightful graphics helps foster kids’ sensibility and concentration.
– It also helps people of all ages to solve math operations faster and efficient.
– It’s simple interface and instructions allow kids to learn and think for themselves.
– It’s kid-friendly language is easy to understand.

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