Simple and easy Kids App – Shapes Object Puzzle

★Easy to understand and simple to handle for kids < age of 4 ★Hand-made, funny and friendly illustrated shapes and daily objects appear randomly and are to be assigned to the corresponding contours by a simple “one-finger-drag”. ★Your child discovers straightforward the basic functions of a “touch screen” ★without In-Buy-Purchase and without Ads

We’re planning to expand the app by additional illustrations in near future.

Illustrations by Ana Castro V.

Your feedback is very welcome, please send it to or check out our website for further information and apps.


We wish your child to have fun playing and exploring the digital world!



Our Apps works without further settings, without counter, without countdown, without time limits, without levels, without in-buy purchase, without advertisements and without access to your personal data. We do not save or use any of your personal or your device’s data.

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