Sidewalk Bingo Free

Watch people. Daub squares. Win. Gloat.

This is the free, ad-supported version of Sidewalk Bingo.

Turn hanging out with friends into a competition with Sidewalk Bingo! Sit at an outdoor cafe, patio, or event and get points for spotting passersby.

- Randomly generates a bingo card from one of several themes
- Tap and hold to show an amusing description of the target square
- Customizable bingo dauber color
- Universal App for iPhone and iPad

More themes will be added in the future!

- Join your friends at some pleasant location and start a game.
- Watch people go by. When you see someone or something on your card, mark the square.
- You win if you match:
- All the squares in one column
- All the squares in one row
- All the squares along one diagonal line, including the corner squares.
- If you are short on time, see who can get the most squares within a given time limit.

Handling Disputes:
Disagreements may arise as to whether a person matches a square. Disagreements should may handled by:
- Majority vote
- Coin toss
- Threaten, cry
- Lie and cheat (hey, you’re the one who has to live with it)