Shut The Box HD

This iPad version of the classic game Shut The Box, also known as Zoltan Box, Tric-Trac, Canoga and Klackers, is a highly addictive that combines luck and skill for a great experience. The basic premise of the classic game is that you are aiming to clear the board in the fewest number of dice rolls. You roll the dice and select any combination of number tiles that equal your roll. But don’t let the somewhat mundane description fool you, it takes the right combination of lucky rolls and number tile selection to garner the best scores. In addition to the classic scoring TwistByte offers a special Shut The Box twist, our very own High 5 version that adds multiplier bonus for clearing the tiles plus bonus rolls when you roll a double. Also includes Social Networking features that allow you to publish your high scores to Facebook to challenge your friends!

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