Shred Neffland: featuring Deadmau5

Zumiez, Neff and Deadmau5 present: SHRED NEFFLAND featuring Deadmau5!

Take control of mega-star Deadmau5 as you shred down the wild slopes of NeffLand. Grind popsicle rails, cupcake bonks and shoot off of ramps for big air. Do well and trigger TURBO MODE for 5X POINTS! Earn stars by completing challenges and unlock extra Neff outfits in the Zumiez store.

Do you have the skill and style to shred NeffLand like a pro?

* shred as Deadmau5 with intuitive touch and flick controls
* unlock authentic NEFF brand winter outfits
* Deadmau5 audio track
* trick challenges will keep your skills sharp
* Game Center Achievements
* Game Center Leaderboards

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