Shot & Found

Why draw a picture when you can take a photo?

Take a picture of your secret word and challenge your friends to guess what it is in Shot & Found, the word guessing game where you don’t have to be an artist to play!

Features Include:

★ Use cool PHOTO FILTERS like Hipster, Vintage and even Mustache to customize your photos!

★ Can’t find your secret word? Go with a Wildcard and take a picture of anything you want!

★ Word categories based on your location. At a restaurant? At Home? At work? there’s a category for you.

★ Guess your friend’s word by scratching the screen to reveal the photo beneath.

★ Full access to iOS camera hardware – Use the front or back camera or turn on the flash!

★ Full Retina support! Looks great on iPhone 4/4S and the New iPad!

★ Stumped? Use various cheats to help you guess the word.

★ Compatible with iPhone 3GS and up as well as all iPads with a camera.

★ Game Center achievements give another level of playability. Can you earn them all?

Part word guessing game. Part photo sharing app. All fun!

Whether you’re reaching a new record round with a friend or meeting new players through random games, you never know what kind of photo you’ll receive. With fast, challenging, and often hilarious gameplay, Shot & Found is sure to become your favorite word guessing game.

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