Shopping to decorate

If there is a skillful cunning little “Sherlock Holmes” hidden inside you, along with a super talented interior designer, why not using your iPhone for bringing them both to the surface? We’ll give you the means to do that: the Shopping to Decorate game!

The first challenge that you’ll need to respond to will be that of scanning an entire home d├ęcor store trying to track down the indicated decoration items and pieces of furniture indicated to you on the bottom of your iPhone’s touch screen. Once you spot one of them, give it a quick tap! You’ll seen, as soon as you start digging through that huuuge pile of tables, chairs, fancy lamps and chic cushions, of stylish armchairs and fancy little rugs that… your mission is getting more and more additive. Don’t think that you can look for those home decoration items for ages! You have a time limit to take into consideration, while playing this fun skills game for iPhones, but at the same time, you have 5 precious hints that you could rely on whenever you simply cannot track down a tiny vase or some slippers which seem to blend in so well with the background there! Still, use them wisely, for who knows when you might really need them! The gameplay and the pointing device gesture are as easy and they are super engaging: simply tap on the target items as soon as you spot them!

The second part of this iPhone game comes as some sort of a reward for you! Here you’re encouraged to explore your creativity and talent as an interior designer and decorate those characters’ room to your liking. You’ll get to use the same home decor items that you’ve previously scanned in the spot the difference game part. Simply go through the bottom screen toolbar you have there and once you’ve spotted a fancy sofa, a nice wallpaper or maybe a stylish coffee table that you like, simply tap on the wanted item, then drag and drop it into your on-screen room! As simple as that, a tap and a tap-and-drag gesture on your iPhone touch screen instantly will add so much style and color, customizing your virtual room! Once you’re 100% satisfied with the room decor look that you will have put together, just tap the “Show” bottom and wait to feel your self-confidence as an interior designer getting a super boost!

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