Shooting Sporting Clay

Sporting Clays, the most popular form of clay pigeon shooting, has finally arrived on the appstore! Different to trap and skeet, Shooting Sporting Clay has an anything goes mentality. From different trajectories, angles, speeds, elevations to different kinds of clay target. Shooting Sporting Clay is a game that encapsulates all that is best in the sport!

Go on and try it yourself. Download a free copy today and get shooting!

★★★ MODES ★★★

• 2 Modes: Tournament and Endurance
• Tournament mode: Win tournaments to unlock new trophies. Can you shoot better than the competition?
• Endurance Mode: An endless clay shooter mode. How long can you keep your shooting streak without missing?

★★★ FEATURES ★★★

• 3 different difficulties: Beginner, Intermediate and Pro
• 5 trophies to be won: 1 trophy for each course and 1 overall trophy.
• 8 stations with 2 rounds per course. New stations (i.e. dropping duck and driven pheasant) coming soon!!
• Different types of clay pigeon to hunt – high flying, low flying, rabbit, single and pair
• Veteran Endurance mode for true professionals
• Leaderboard
• Trophy Achievements

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