Shooter RD 007

The best – ★★★★★

Zia – Version 1.2 – 18 August 2011

Must for everyone and family.
Fregata – ★★★★★

by Siseto – Version 1.2 – 18 August 2011

its good.
Naja – ★★★★

ist es gut.
———————— Join the underwater shooting and feel like 007.

Fire like a pistol or fire continuously like an automatic rifle.

This is an UNDERWATER SHOOTING game. It has beautiful environment and great SOUND EFFECTS.

Take position, be focussed, decide fast and fire. Don’t relax, you might loose the next target.

You have to fire with ANTIDOTE GUN to cure the radiation affected creatures. There are various challenging and exciting situations where you will have to take position fire fast and accurately.

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