Shoot Monsters AR

정말 중독성 강하고 신나는 슈팅 게임을 원하시나요?

카메라에 보이는 모든 풍경에 몬스터가 숨어 있다!!
화면으로 보고 아이폰을 기울여 몬스터를 무찌르는 호쾌한 액션 아케이드 게임.

주의) 지하철에서 플레이 시 내리실 지하철 역을 지나칠 수 있습니다.
데이트 중 플레이 시 상대에게 핀잔을 받을 수도 있습니다.
식사 중에 플레이 시 숫가락을 들 시간이 없어 곤란할 수 있습니다.

It’s Exciting shooting games!! “Shoot Monster AR”
Remove ‘Invisible Monsters’ that attack human in daily life by I-Phone!!
You have to find out monsters, and shoot it!! by portable machine tilt.(ex=up&down, left&right)
If you do not remove monsters, you will be die by monsters attack!!

Exciting mission!! Funny Weapons!! Various Items!!
The Point is easy play, Timing is Point. It’s Speedy game that will be exciting for you.
360° Rotation!! Using the map to move the sensor system, the user can take an active motion. You could be fun to play.

Free Mode :
You can experience free of the Mission Mode & Level Mode

Mission Mode :
“Map of the screen is visible to the camera!!”
The Various mission is to make you more energetic!!
It’s a BONUS! Let’s get make interesting situation that a friend of monsters attack!

Level Mode :
There are lots of level and various map. If you want to fast shoot!! Welcome to Level mode!
If you hit the gift box. You can get a plenty of items!!
It’s a Bonus!! You can use the map which photos in your folder.

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