Shogi Live

Anytime anywhere, you can watch the professional shogi games !

This is an official application brought by the Japan Shogi Association to watch live professional shogi games.
You are required to buy the right-to-use to watch games in this application.
The right-to-use for one month is effective for one month from the purchase date.
For instance, it will be effective up to December 15 if you buy it on November 15.
You need to connect your device with this application to the Internet for watching games.
When you purchase the right-to-use for the first time, the user registration is necessary.

* Player, Tournament, comments in games, blog, columns, tumeshogi, shogi news are in Japanese.


– You can watch live professional official games almost every weekday.
The relayed games are usually one or a few for a day.
– You can replay all games relayed in the past six months at any time.
– You can search a specific game by tournament, players, and day.
– Live blog
– Columns
– Daily Tsumeshogi (Free)
– Shogi news in Japanese (Free)

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