Shocking Fast Food Trivia

A food trivia game that will SHOCK you with surprising FACTS about what the FAST FOOD industry serves to you, your friends and your family. The TRIVIA game is filled with multiple choice QUIZ questions covering fast food facts that will make even the fast food junkies think twice about what they order.

We all love a quick stop at our favorite fast food restaurant and who can resist chowing down on those nice crispy brown french fries? How do they get those french fries so crispy and brown? What is really in that nugget besides chicken? What’s in that sweet tasting thick milk shake that is not really a food product? How well do you know what you are eating? Find the answer to these questions and hundreds more about the food we love to eat.

From chemicals to grams of fat, from ingredients to how food is processed. You will learn something new about the food we eat and the industry that feeds us. How many grams of saturated fat are in a milkshake? How many miles would you have to walk to burn off calories from that burger? What toxic chemical is used in fast food paper wrapping? How many kids eat fast food more than once a month?

The questions are fun facts you can share and will probably make you say “EWW!” as you read them! This is a timed trivia game that rewards you with more points for selecting the answer correctly on first choice. Hundreds of interesting trivia questions to test you and teach you. A fun game that will make you a smarter, more inquisitive consumer of fast food. Take the trivia challenge! Its more than fun …. it’s a fast food learning experience!

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