Shock-X. Lite – Space shooter wars paper

Shock-X. Space shooter wars paper is the FREE version of a shoot’em up with original graphics that offers a new gameplay deferens which is normally done on IOS, with the difficulty well balanced and easy handling and fast.

Confront multiple enemies, increase your score and compare to other players and gain prestige over your ascent.

Move your PaperShip at the accelerometer or with your finger and explore a universe original space. Throughout the game you will discover new weapons, new enemies, and new obstacles to overcome while using the features of the phone and the touch screen to manage your weapons and power.

But beware! certain ammunition is limited, you need to enable timely ultimate your weapon that will save waves enemies.

Short, with Shock X. you will discover a new way to play shooters on your iPhone or iPod Touch

✔ Features (Lite Version)
∙2 Missions
∙8 levels to explore (4 levels per mission)
∙10 different enemies
∙Different weapons (Bomb, shield etc …).

✔ Features (Full Game) :
∙Free updates that include new missions
∙Consultation rankings of scores on Game Center
∙11 challenges to achieve
∙2 Missions
∙24 levels to explore (12 levels per mission)
∙4 bosses to face (2 per boss mission)
∙20 different enemies
∙Different weapons (Bomb, shield etc …).

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