The original Sheepy is back, now on the iPhone and iPad! Play the game that has kept over 3,000,000 people counting on their fingers and toes. Count the sheep as they jump, peek, fly, and leap across the screen.

Play it on Easy with the little ones or try Super Hard for a real challenge. Don’t forget to blink!

*Improved super sheep counting action.
*Two new backgrounds and two new Sheepy songs.
*Beautiful High Res graphics for the iPhone 4.
*Fully compatible with iOS 4 multitasking.
*Sheepy HD available for the iPad.

Here are what some people have said about Sheepy:

“Brilliant idea and execution. Who knew that counting absurdly cute sheep would be so addicting.” – hiddenhydra

“Awesome, sure, it takes awhile to heat up… but once the game gets going, it’s near-impossible to stop.” – Thexor

“Very fun! Really fun! After the black sheep started coming, I just fell apart!” – abyss50

“WOW!! This game is freakin’ original! It directly attacks yer brain! No movement keys, no mouse clicks, only YOUR ATTENTION!! and typing numbers, of course :P” – havayosunu

“Just awesome, at first I’m thinking ‘wow I’m good at this’ . . . Then the black sheep started coming.” – sunman857

“My brain! IT HURTS SO MUCH. I loved this game, I got all the way to lvl 37 before my brain exploded. :)” – Cnivida

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