Sheeple Chase Lite

Let’s Race! Guide a turbo-charged sheep to victory against his farmyard foes!
Try the Countryside and Antarctic courses–jam-packed with jumps, speed boosts and challenging obstacles!

Get as many juicy apples as you can on the way to winning the cup. With easy-to-master controls, great presentation and a splendid soundtrack, get a taste of this insanely fun and addictive game.

“Crazy, but incredibly addictive” – Pocket-lint

“Sheeple Chase revels in its barnyard setting, with fun, colorful graphics and stompin’ banjo soundtrack.” – Gamezebo

“A loveable little racing game” – Cult of Mac

Sheeple Chase Lite Highlights
• Loads of crazy animal characters
• Great Barnyard Soundtrack
• Devilish obstacles and stunts
• Simple, intuitive pick up and play controls
• Comical graphics, fun for all the family!

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