Sheep Up!

FWA (Favourite Website Award) Winner – Mobile Of The Day 6 June 2012
Finalist StartUp02 “There are as many flavors of platformer as there are ice cream, and with the arrival of Bad Seed Entertainment’s newest offering, Sheep Up!, it’s time to make room for another, with its wool-covered protagonist and original spin on a popular genre.” “a unique and fun experience among the many iOS offerings” 4/5 Stars : “..I know I’ve already implied this, but I’m going to blatantly state it just in case: Sheep Up! looks really cool [ … ] ..’ve also been suitably impressed by the new perspective on a fairly familiar genre..” “Sheep Up! is an awesome physics based game that has a unique story and gameplay..”

Jump in and start a vibrant and colorful adventure inside a cardboard box!

You are the only hope for a tiny toy sheep stored in a cardboard box together with other old toys. Help the jumping sheep escape and reach the top of the box for freedom!
Sheep Up! is an original and humorous puzzle platform complete with 20 addictive levels, a multi-directional tilt control gameplay, a huge variety of gameplay elements, 2 different game modes, colorfull and enjoyable settings, an original soundtrack, and much more.
Instant smiles included in the pack.

Supported device:
iPhone3GS iPhone4 and iPhone4S
iPod Touch 3rd and 4th Generation
iPad1 iPad2 and iPad3

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