Sheep Herd HD Lite

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★In a Nut Shell:
Mind puzzling, brain storming and amazingly challenging fun, cute and east to control sheep herd adventure.

Once upon a time there lived a herd of sheep happily in a farm far far away…
Until one day an evil spirit seeing how happy they were casted a spell on them..
The spell scattered them all over the world!!!

your task is, to bring them all back together once again to live happily ever after.

★What is it?
Try your mind, fear, braveness, challenge, stubbornness, playing skills at this one of a kind adventure, mind puzzling game, that’s like no other you have seen!

*Levels span through forests, arctic and oceans.
*Natural realistic physics.
*Predators including (Bears, Seals, Wolvs, Sharks).
*Mind Puzzling level sets each with different difficulties.
*beautiful environments, sound effects and background music.
*Easy controls, just tilt your device!
*50 whopping levels (full game) and more to come in free updates.
*Automatic score and progress saving.
*Challenge your friends online with GameCenter inclusion.

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