Shatter your photos into pieces with Shatterbug! Endless fun for all ages!

Shatterbug offers a unique twist on puzzle games. Instead of putting the puzzle back together, you have to break it apart before the time runs out! Each puzzle is different because every photo is analyzed and split up into pieces based on what’s in the photo. Tapping on the pieces knocks them out of the photo and they fall and crash into one another. Knock out all the pieces as accurately and as fast as you can to maximize your score.

Shatterbug is a fun way to experience your favourite photos all over again. Play with photos in your photo library or with the photos that come with the game. If you have an iPad with a camera, simply take a photo to instantly create a new puzzle!

More about Shatterbug:
• Different skill levels: Easy, Medium, and Hard
• Tracks local high scores for every photo
• Earn achievements on Game Center

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