Shark’s Treasure Free

Classic puzzle action featuring over 20 levels of old-school graphics and challenging tilt-based fun. you can play with ipad, feel great!

Can you pilot your sub through the mine-laden, shark-infested waters? Can you take back the mermaids’ treasure? Can you beat the top scores on the leaderboards? With pick-up-and-play appeal coupled with addictive gameplay, Shark’s Treasure is destined to become your new favorite iPhone puzzler.

– 4 difficulty settings:
– In-depth tutorial will have you piloting like a sea captain in no time
– 20+ challenging levels
– New enemies, subs, treasures and environments as you progress
– Original soundtrack

The TouchArcade community has taken the plunge; they love Shark’s Treasure!

“The game is fantastic! The controls work beautifully, level progression is perfect (and they do get difficult!!), and the addition of a
“Challenge” theme is great fun. The graphics are also fantastic – it looks
as though a lot of work went into the game.

“Great game; it is irresistible!”

“Controls for the game are very solid. I always feel like I’m in complete control of my sub.”

“Part action game, part puzzle game, all fun!”

“The music is calming and easy to listen to”

“Very cool underwater setting”

To see video of the game, click here:

Deep in the ocean blue lived three happy mermaids: Sally, Lily and Lisa. They lived in peace and harmony until one day sharks destroyed their homes and stole all their gold. They were devastated until they met John the diver who decided to help them on his deep sea expeditions. The four of them
banded together to steal the treasure back from the sharks. Can
you help the fearless four restore peace to the depths of the ocean?
Welcome to Shark’s Treasure

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