Limited Time — Game is Free. As announced at the GMIC Beijing Conference.

Celebrity Basketball star Shaquille O’Neal stars in his first action game for mobile! In a post apocalyptic future, the mutation of a zombie virus creates a new sentient breed of zombies that have enslaved mankind. It’s up to SHAQ to take down these Mutant Zombies with his awesome powers and abilities. GET READY FOR A SHAQDOWN!

In 2013 monthly “Shaq” specific prizes are given to players at the top of the leaderboard.

1. All new action game starring celebrity basketball star Shaquille O’Neal.
2. Control Shaq and defeat the evil Mutant Zombies with his super human strength and powerful abilities!
3. Easy to pick up controls.
4. Defeat thousands of Mutant Zombies across 3 stages with 3 big bosses!
5. Earn Shaqra to unlock new game modes for hours and hours of gameplay.
6. Tons of Game Center Achievements.
7. Slick HD graphics and animation by Street Fighter Artist Long Vo.
8. Developed by Hiptic Games, the makers of GONINJA!

“…one of the more humorous and enjoyable endless-running zombie games we’ve played.”

“…his first mobile effort, ShaqDown, puts the aforementioned beat-em-up [ShaqFu] to shame.”

“…Shaqdown game for ios is pretty sick. Kinda hard too. Good game to play though” – Justin Wong, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat and Marvel VS Capcom 3 Champion

ShaqDown Review

Shaquille O’Neal is and has been many things: a basketball legend, a reserve police officer, a genie, and now... a zombie fighter. ShaqDown is responsible for that last addition by putting the man in the role of hero in a particularly gruesome future of mutant zombies. ShaqDown’s premise is that zombies came and ruined lots of things, but then they mutated to become sentient killing machines bent on human enslavement, after which they ruined everything. Read More →

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