Shaq’s Little Fishy Things

“Shaq’s Little Fishy Things” is a bright and shiny ecology trip for kids through the world’s most amazing ocean habitats where they meet and learn about some fascinating sea creatures through stunning underwater videos and graphics.

Shaquille “Shaq” O’Neal, ecology advocate, famous basketball legend, and a hero to millions of families and their kids, hosts the trip through this undersea wonderland. On the journey, kids will meet Myrtle the Sea Turtle, Lenny the Blenny, Lilly the Lobster, Ernesto The Moray Eel and other amusing ocean inhabitants whose videos will spark investigations on the “Little Fishy Things” website, accessed through the APP.

On the web-link, parents will find more videos, hands-on projects and fun follow-up to the APP experience to share with their children. In the APP, each of the dozen sea creatures has an associated video, a “Professor Fish” info module and pictures. The website allows kids and parents to drill down deeper into ocean ecology with activities and fun links.

There are two hidden games in the APP (think “what would a worm do in his spare time” for a clue as to where to find the games). Don’t bother to keep score, just touch the sea creature, move your finger and watch the action once you discover where the game is!

“Shaq’s Little Fishy Things” is the first in a series of similar APPs which, in an engaging and exciting way, help raise awareness of the magnificent seas that surround us all and the amazing creatures that live there in this “inner space and last frontier” on Earth. Enjoy our APP and the special introductory price.

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