Shape Magic HD Lite

You have to select and match the shapes and fix them into its original Cut outs placed on a moving belt. It’s a shape matching mayhem!!!

What is Shape Magic all about?

Shape Magic invites you to a fun world of shapes. Just select and drag any shape placed in collection area into their matching cutouts and clear the screen before time runs out.

The rows keep moving and you need to fill an entire row to clear it. The faster you play and clear more rows, higher are the chances to earn more points!!

Race against time, and mend your reflexes with shapes in this fun and challenging puzzle game.


✓ Game play is unlimited

✓ Time range varies as you progress further

✓ Complete the level in least time to get bonus points

✓ Unwanted shape can be trashed into the Discard Bin

✓ Integrated with OpenFeint for global scoring

Shape Magic just won’t let you quit. Have a great time matching all the shapes!!!!

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