Shape Down Game Lite

ShapeDown is a unique, challenging puzzle game, that builds on simple concepts.
The goal is to colour every block on the grid.

2 game styles, Puzzle and Speed!

A built in tutorial and extensive help, will get you started. Once you’re a pro, the “Make Difficult” will keep you challenged.

To colour the grid, pieces of either the same shape or colour can be placed next to each other. The game starts by spawning 2 random shapes, 1 puzzle piece (Only the specific shape can be placed on top of the puzzle piece, so be careful on what you place next to it.). A wildcard which can be placed next to or in between any other shapes will spawn randomly and slightly more the harder it gets.

Once a diagonal row has been filled it will clear the pieces in that row, allowing you to continue filling the rest of the grid. Once the grid is completely coloured, the game progresses to the next level.

The puzzle game will spawn more puzzle pieces as you go up in levels, and the only limitation is that you can’t throw away 5 pieces in a row.

The timer on the speed game will push you to make rash decisions, to regain time, pieces must be placed and rows must be clear.

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