Shakin' Steve

Steve is a regular middle-aged man, but with one huge problem… He gets sick all the time, especially when he eats junk food.

Try to make him puke as fast as you can by shaking his world!
But be careful! If you shake him, while he’s holding the table, you might lose the stars.

Shakin’ Steve is a fun game with a simple goal: make Steve vomit.
Shake your phone as hard as you can or give Steve food that makes him sick. The faster he pukes, more points you get.

* FREE to play
* Treats are tempting – Steve releases the table and you can shake him
* Food makes him sick – Various food makes Steve sick even before you start to shake him
* Food is also responsible for the color and contents of puke
* Looks change Steves appearance – Some looks are already available, many more to come!
* Collect stars – With stars you also earn coins!
* Compete with others – Game Center included

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