Champagne Fight is very exciting and pleasant event in the victory ceremony of car races. Have you ever wished to participate in Champagne Fight? However actually, it is difficult to have an experience of Champagne Fight because that waste much champagne and that makes your room dirty. By using your iPhone/ iPod Touch, you can participate in Champagne Fight virtually.

“Shake3G” is a game that makes your iPhone / iPod Touch “Virtual Champagne”. Shake your iPhone / iPod Touch to open champagne bottle on the screen. Bottle on the screen jumps with your shake, and champagne will gush. The champagne that appears one after another will be larger, and you will have to shake harder and longer.

・Two game modes: “SPEED KING” and “STAMINA CHALLENGE”. In “SPEED KING” mode, you will contest total time to open all champagne bottles. In “STAMINA CHALLENGE” mode, you will contest counts of bottles opened in the challenge time.
・Cool BGM will make you heat up.
・If you are lucky, you may find special champagne.
・You can save your game result. If you use iPhone, you can also save photo with your game result.
・You can review your game result by checking “RANKING”.

We wish that you will enjoy Shake3G with your friends, lovers, family, etc. Party is very good to enjoy Shake3G. But, please don’t shake real champagne bottle instead of your iPhone/iPod Touch in party hall:-)。

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