Shadow Alliance

Spy on and take out your enemies!

Shadow Alliance is an addictive social strategy role-playing game (RPG) that lets users assemble a team and unravel the treacherous mysteries behind the elusive spy organization known as CLOAK. You are in the dangerous role of covert agent at the center of a global web of espionage!

Embark on killer missions to battle and destroy all five members of Dead Storm with your team and former CLOAK spy operatives. Build teams, steal equipment and gather intelligence from inside CLOAK to lead you towards your ultimate goal of killing the enemy!

Players collect and equip hundreds of weapons, use blueprints to unlock special items to enhance their skill and become the most feared spy operative in the world!

Form your own RPG teams, build and enhance your strength to take out the enemy!

Key Features:

★★★★★ Hundreds of powerful weapons and awesome spy gear turn users into deadly spy agents.
★★★★★Join or lead a team and earn exclusive team rewards and special items.
★★★★★ Battle other players and teams for prestige and rank (leaderboard).
★★★★★ Steal and collect blueprints to unlock killer gear and weapons
★★★★★ Enhance weapons with upgrades from the Black Market.
★★★★★Unique mission based game play prepares users for team battle.
★★★★★ Collaborate with your spy friends in team mode, enhance your team skills, create Hit Lists and seek revenge against your enemies!

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