SG Mahjong 新加坡麻将

Top Game in Singapore AppStore. Enlarged tiles!

The first real, full-featured Mahjong game based on Singapore Mahjong Rules on iPhone and iPod Touch. Tiles come with numerals to help new gamers!

Fastest, most addictive & challenging. You can play Singapore Mahjong on the go, even without your friends. No more 3-missing-1 again. Now upgraded with Bluetooth capabilities, which means you can also play with friends on the train or colleagues in office.

Full version features:
1) 3 levels of difficulties for novice, advance & expert players. 8 AI players with different playing style to taunt you.

2) Clean & clear GUI that allow enjoyable gameplay for hours.
– Comes with speed selection, it’s up to you.
– Larger tiles!

3) Comes with all SG Mahjong rules
– 13 Terminals hand is possible, if you can do it!
– In SG Mahjong, our beloved bites & gongs are back.

4) Character selection
– 9 avatars to choose from. Use your own name as well.
– Up to 3 profiles to save your character in. Yes, you can save your progress!

5) Motivating ranking system
– A scoring board to keep track of all human and AI players.
– Be careful of going bust or quitting a round, the penalty is heavy.

6) Sound and iPod Music

7) Local-multiplayer using Bluetooth
– Up to 4 human players can play together

8) ‘Bao’ or Pays for all situation is added, for realism game play.

9) 3P or 4P, it’s up to you!

Singapore Mahjong tile system has 148 tiles, with 3 suits, 7 honor, 4 animal and 8 flower tiles. The scoring system is based on doubling the winnings for every point (or tai) until a maximum of 5. There are no joker tiles.

Like all other Mahjong, what tile a player discards and accepts from other players is very important. And since there are 13 tiles in a hand, Mahjong strategy can be very complex and challenging. At professional level, players even have to keep track of what tiles other players discard.

Because of the combination of the deep analysing and calculation of probability and strategy, and memorising of discarded tiles, this game is considered to be a very effective way to keep old folks from being senile and memory loss.

Young people also enjoy this game to because it is the perfect way for social gathering (with excitement).

Do support us! We will continue to update this game with even more features.



虽然各家也是13张牌,但跟广东,香港麻将相比,新加坡麻将比较少赢牌的方式。基本算法:清一色(一色)四台,混一色(半色) 两台,碰碰胡两台,平胡四台,臭平胡一台,门风一台,圈风一台,三元牌各一台,门花一台,动物牌各一台。当然还有十三么、大三元、大四喜、十八罗汉等特别胡法。


1) 三种难度
2) 卡通化身选择
3) 排行榜
4) 音效和iPod音乐
5) 蓝牙系统多人游戏
6) 被包的玩法
7) 三脚或四脚都可以

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