S.FTC Mahjong

S.FTC Mahjong

This is a multi-player mahjong games using Hong Kong rules. Players can connect either using Game Center or local WiFi/Bluetooth connections. This does NOT support 1 player mode so you will need to have at least 2 players to play this game. Players can play and talk with friends and relatives overseas.

In-game Control
Chow/Pong/Kong: Tap on the tiles and swipe left to perform the action
Draw a tile: Swipe down to draw a tile
Discard a tile: Tap on a tile to select and swipe up to discard a tile
Win: Swipe right to win

Players are encourage to utilize the Facebook page to interact with other players to increase the social circle.


蘇芬麻雀有4個主角. 他們是蘇仔(S),芬女(F),刀爸(T) 和思媽 (C). 這是一個多玩家的香港規則麻將遊戲。玩家可以使用 GameCenter 或WiFi/藍牙連接其他玩家。Game Center 更支援實時對話使遊戲時更加有趣。這遊戲不支持單人遊戲模式.

上| 碰|槓 牌: 點擊牌然後輕掃左去執行動作
拿牌: 輕掃下去執行動作
出牌: 輕掃上去執行動作
食糊: 輕掃右去執行動作


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