Sex ID Quiz

Although their equal QI, men and women think differently, act differently and react differently. But, sometimes men can have women’s brain and women can think more like men.

So, FOR FREE and within 10 minutes ONLY, get your brain tested and find out if you think like a Adam or a Eve.


The test is a series of visual challenges and questions used by most psychologists. It’s composed of the following fourth parts:
• Part 1 : Angle Test (2 minutes)
• Part 2 : Memory Test (3 minutes)
• Part 3 : Eye Test (3 minutes)
• Part 4 : Face Test (2 minutes)

At the end of the test, you will get your brain sex profile which you can share with your friend using Facebook, Twitter or Mail.

—————- This app does not collect any information from customers —————-

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