Sex Education Trivia Game


Anatomy, sexual positions, sexual transmitted infections, sex symbols, love, movies and other species’ mating rituals are just some of the topics you will encounter in this game.

Sex Trivia™ from QuizStone® turns your iPad, iPhone, and iPod into a superb quiz show with about 250 questions.

Forget all about your old boardgames, which are probably already collecting dust in the basement. QuizStone® brings multimedia into trivia games in a breakthrough way. This takes advantage of the possibilities in your smartphone like never before.

What are you waiting for? Put your knowledge about sex to the test!

★★★★★Smart Gaming★★★★★
• Multiple ways of playing (Classic™, Time Trial™ & Fastest Finger™)
• Play alone or with your friends on the same device
• Unique board game style with up to 4 players in QuizStone® Classic™
• Ultimative knowledge test with QuizStone® Time Trial™
• Social IRL gaming with QuizStone® Fastest Finger™
• Local and Global Highscores to keep track of your performance

★★★★★High Quality Content★★★★★
• Unique and professional written questions
• Great variation in topics, categories and difficulty
• Educational 2nd Generation ”Did you know?” explanations

★★★★★Well Designed Features★★★★★
• Professional Scandinavian App Design
• Optimized for iPod, iPhone 3G, iPhone 4, iPad 1, iPad 2, iPad 3 and Retina display
• View other QuizStone® apps in App Store with a single tap

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