Seven Stars 3D 2 HD

New version:The abolition of the limitations of the ball
★★★★★ Ranked #1 action and puzzle game in China

Seven Stars 3D 2 HD officially launched! This is a sequel to Seven Stars 3D which has millions of fans all over the world.

Seven Stars 3D 2 features outstanding graphics, impressive game scene, and breathtaking game-playing. It brings more wonderful game challenges, more high quality original Chinese classical music, .etc.

Ever wanted to play a unique mobile game? This one is for you!

In one day of ancient times, the Big Dipper was hidden by an evil monster suddenly. Human being lost their guide in the night. You need to be role-playing as a hero in game to take seven stars out of the maze set by monster and back to heaven…

Features in this new version:
More outstanding 3D graphics
More featured game challenges
More wonderful game-playing
More original Chinese music
More levels up to 49
Real-time Physics
Chinese art style
G-Sensor controlling
Support English and Simple Chinese language

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