Sette e Mezzo

Seven and half, also called Sette e Mezzo, is a popular Italian card game similar to blackjack.
The goal of this game is to achieve a high total by taking cards from the deck, without busting by going over seven and a half points, the maximun number of points you can achieve without losing.
It is played with a deck of forty cards.
Cards from one to seven have a corresponding values; face cards (Jack, Queen and King) have the value of half a point.

The game begins by assigning one card to the PLAYER and one to the CPU.
The PLAYER can choose to take one or more cards trying to get close to seven and half. At his discretion, he decides to stay when he thinks his score is high enough.
Once the player decides to stay, it is the CPU’s turn to try to overcome the player’s score remaining below seven and a half.

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